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All her life, Jacqueline Page has valued beauty. From a congenial child in Dallas, Texas, she grew into a model and a spirited captain of the pep team in high school, where she was also active in student council. She studied computer science at Metro State (Denver), after which she began a long career in telecommunications as a global sales manager for AT&T and Worldcom. Though the field interested her, it wasn’t where fate would have her end up. The worlds of beauty and fashion beckoned her. Jacqueline has never relied solely on beauty to achieve her success. Her mind and strength of will along with her looks form a triple threat that lets her accomplish anything she sets out to do.

Jacqueline always displayed a keen sense of fashion in her daily attire. Although dressing well can contribute considerably to beauty, she knew it wasn’t the whole picture. She decided there was nothing more critical to overall appearance than the face we show the world every day. She was thankful that she had been blessed with good genes but knew that the aging process affects everyone. If she had to deal with it, she wanted to try to slow it to a standstill. After trying the most well-known brands of skin care products on the market, she found that many of them contained harsh additives that can have a negative impact, especially on skin of the sensitive variety. Jacqueline believed there had to be a way to nurture skin without damaging it and began tirelessly researching ingredients that possessed anti-aging effects and were less harmful to the body than those found in other products. After several years of studying these ingredients and their suppliers, she selected an excellent manufacturer to work with and created Jacqueline Page Skincare & Cosmetics.

Jacqueline lives every day with the philosophy “Look Beautiful and Feel Beautiful – Always!” and she cordially invites you to do the same. Jacqueline Page Skincare and Cosmetics were created to allow women of all ages and complexions all around the world to celebrate their personal beauty and style. Jacqueline’s products offer a wide array of options that let you get the exact look you want, whether it’s the sexy glamour of an actress on the red carpet, or the understated allure of the girl next door. Jacqueline’s skincare collection uses a holistic approach in its products to moisturize, soften, and protect skin, providing a healthy, more youthful appearance. Formulated with special ingredients designed to retain moisture as well as revitalize and energize skin cells, the collection restores essential nutrients for a healthy skin tone.

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